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About ThaiLuv & Our Brand

THAILUV is a family owned company that celebrates the natural wonders of the hemp plant. Hemp has deep historic origins in South East Asia, and more specifically, Thailand. Throughout thousands of years the cannabis and hemp plant have been grown and used in every aspect of daily life in the Thai culture. In modern times, this very same plant quickly became the most preferred and prestigious source of healing with names such as Thai Stick and Chocolate Thai. These same names and strains have been used and recognized by hemp enthusiasts worldwide. Thailand was on the map as having the best cannabis and hemp in the world.

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Today, the cannabis and hemp plant is still being used in Northern Thailand by the Hmong tribe and other residents in the hillside country. Hemp, now a world-wide phenomenon because of its all-natural healing qualities and thousands of everyday uses, has migrated to the USA. In 2018, the President of the United States signed the Farm Bill into law. With the passage of the Farm Bill, hemp is now federally legal in the United States.

The state of Colorado, which was one of the first to legalize hemp, has claimed the title of the “Hemp Capital of the USA and the World”. With the best genetics and growing conditions, Colorado grown hemp is now the most prestigious and sought-after hemp on the planet. Colorado hemp strains and products of hemp are considered the best in the world. These top genetics and their origins can be traced back to Thailand. THAILUV can actually say their roots are from Thailand.

The founder of THAILUV celebrates hemp’s origins in Thailand. His first experience with Thai cannabis and hemp was in the last century. In the 1900’s, at an early age, the founder was introduced to some of Thailand’s finest cannabis. His life was changed, and Thailand was his calling. Always having appreciation for the finest hemp in the world, he praises Thailand for their premier and original cannabis and hemp strains.

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THAILUV is now manufacturing the world’s best legal hemp, grown in Colorado, with roots in Thailand. The best genetics, growing conditions, ground breaking technologies and the LUV of Thailand’s original hemp have been combined to create THAILUV. THAILUV now features the finest in hemp health supplements and cosmetics. The founder and his family are proud to share with you, THAILUV.

THAILUV CBD products are made from 100% CBD ISOLATE that is tested in state of the art and certified laboratories to guarantee the best quality for our customers.

THAILUV is expanding their global operations in Asia, Europe, South America and Africa. THAILUV is proud to be providing the world’s best 100% CBD ISOLATE and CBD products.